Join Cineplex! Password Retrieval


Have you Purchased a Gift Certificate?

If you have purchased a gift certificate and the person has not received the notification email, you can send a notification again following the instructions below:

  • Login HERE
  • Click on My Gift Certificates to display a list of gift certificates you have received and purchased
  • Look for the gift certificate you have recently sent at the bottom of the page
  • Click on Resend Email to send a new notification or,
  • Change the email of the person you have purchased the gift certificate for, and send the notification to the new email address.

How to Activate a Gift Certificate

To activate the gift certificate following the steps below:

  • Click REDEEM to Activate
  • Type the Gift Certificate Code you have received by email
  • After typing your username and password the money will then appear in your wallet

NOTE: If you are not an existing member you have to JOIN UP as the money to appear in your wallet.

Check Status of your Gift Certificate

If you are not sure about the status of your Gift Certificate PLEASE CLICK HERE and type Code you have received by SMS or email.

Lost Activation Code?

If you have lost the activation code of your Gift Certificate it can be found again by the person buying the voucher clicking on My Gift Vouchers when they are logged in as a member.

If you have any problems with online gift certificate activation then please email us or contact Sam 0411880320.

We are working on making this easier for everyone and will constantly keep updating the software with new and better systems.

Should you have a suggestion on ways to improve the software then please email us on