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  1. Online vouchers can only be used to purchase tickets via the website. They cannot be redeemed at the Ticket Box at the cinema.
  2. The online voucher cannot be used for Candy Bar sales or for meals or drinks in the Deluxe Cinema at Victoria Point.
  3. If you require a voucher specifically for the Deluxe Cinema that includes meals and drinks, this is available only from the cinemas.

Quick Help

How to purchase a gift certificate?
How to redeem a gift certificate?
Can I re-send the gift certificate activation URL email?
Yes. Once you have bought the gift certificate you can always resend the activation url from your member page under the gift certificates tab.
How can I use the gift certificate?
Once activate the gift certificate, the person receiving the gift certificate must have access to the internet to buy their tickets online. They will also have to join before they can type their username and password in the activation URL.
Will the gift certificate be expired?
The advantages of online gift certificates is that it is virtually paperless. There is no expiry with the money in the wallet, and they can use a variety of ticket purchasers eg adult, student, child, two adults, Deluxe, 3d movies etc.
Can I change the recipient's email address? How can I re-send the activation URL email?


Purchase Books of Vouchers From Cinemas!

Adults $8.50 each or a book of 10 tickets only $75.00
Students 13+, Healthcare and Seniors are $6.50 each.
Children (2-12 years) and Pensioner Gift Certificates are $4.50 each.

3D Gift Vouchers also available- The 3D Gift Vouchers price includes the standard 3D Glasses valued at $1

3D Adult Gift Voucher - $11 each 

3D Student/Senior/Healthcare  Gift Voucher - $9 each

3D Child/Pensioner Gift Voucher - $7 each

Books of vouchers can only be purchased directly from our cinemas.

Purchasing From Out of Town, Interstate, or Overseas

For people purchasing from out of town, interstate, or overseas we are able to provide a mail order service. Please send a money order for the value of the vouchers, made payable to Victoria Point Cinemas and send that, along with a note of your requirements and a stamped addressed envelope (to send you the vouchers in)  to:

Victoria Point Cinemas, Lakeside Centre. 27 Bunker Rd, Victoria Point. QLD. 4165. 


  • The cinema does not accept credit cards so we do need a money order, not a personal cheque..

  • Note: We do not accept credit cards at the Ticket Box.

  • Books of vouchers are valid for 6 months and they can be used for any session and on NO FREE LIST films.

  • Regular vouchers are not valid for special events (such as Film Festivals and previews when ticket prices are different from our usual pricing, Digital 3D movies or the Deluxe Cinema at Victoria Point (see further down for Deluxe Cinema Vouchers).

  • They can be used at any of our complexes.


  • Vouchers are also available exclusively for the Deluxe Cinema at Victoria Point. These vouchers are $12.50 each. There is also a "Deluxe Experience Voucher" for $35, which includes a Deluxe Ticket, a glass of wine or beer and a meal served to your table inside the cinema. Deluxe vouchers can only be used for the Deluxe Cinema at Victoria Point and cannot be used at any other complex.