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Heading in to see a movie?  All of our sites have a wide range of food and drinks available to accompany your movie experience at excellent low prices!

The Candy Bar

At the candy bar you'll find all of your usual favourites, including soft drinks and frozen ice drinks, chips, chocolate, choc tops, lollies and of course popcorn! 

Our Cafes

Our cinemas at Balmoral, South Bank, Hawthorne Deluxe, Victoria Point and Redbank are all equipped with a cafe so you can enjoy some wonderful hot food or a great cup of tea or coffee either before or after you watch your movie.   All of our cafes are accessible to the public except Southbank which means you can pop in any time. So feel free to come and see us at the cafe even if you are just checking out the latest session times. 

Our Deluxe Venues

Hawthorne Deluxe (across the road from the Hawthorne Cinemas), Victoria Point and Redbank also offer licenced lounge bars as part of our Cineplex Deluxe Experience.  The Hawthorne Deluxe bar is also open to our Hawthorne Cinema Patrons across the road and the public.