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Starting: Thu 26th Jan 2017    Ending: Wed 1st Feb 2017
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Victoria Point Cineplex Draft Sessions
View Classification DetailsSING (108 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 9:30am 2:10pm
Mo/Tu/We 3:50pm
View Classification DetailsASSASSIN'S CREED (115 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su/Tu/We 9:15pm
View Classification DetailsMONSTER TRUCKS * (105 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 10:10am 1:50pm
Mo/Tu/We 4:00pm
View Classification DetailsLIVE BY NIGHT * (129 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 12:45pm 3:25pm 6:15pm 9:00pm
Mo/Tu/We 10:30am 12:45pm 6:15pm
View Classification DetailsROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY (134 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 9:00pm
View Classification DetailsLION * (118 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 10:30am 12:35pm 3:45pm 4:40pm 6:30pm 7:15pm 8:45pm
Mo 10:30am 12:35pm 2:15pm 4:40pm 6:50pm 7:15pm
Tu/We 10:30am 12:35pm 2:15pm 4:40pm 6:50pm 7:15pm 8:45pm
View Classification DetailsRED DOG: TRUE BLUE (89 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 9:30am
Mo/Tu/We 9:55am
View Classification DetailsWHY HIM? (111 mins)
Daily 6:20pm
View Classification DetailsSPLIT * (117 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa 10:05am 1:10pm 3:50pm 6:30pm 9:10pm 9:15pm
Su/Tu/We 10:05am 1:10pm 3:50pm 6:30pm 9:10pm
Mo 10:05am 1:10pm 3:50pm 6:30pm
View Classification DetailsLA LA LAND (128 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 10:30am 3:40pm 6:25pm
Mo/Tu/We 10:30am 1:15pm 6:25pm
View Classification DetailsMOANA (113 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 9:30am 12:00pm
Mo/Tu/We 3:50pm
View Classification DetailsBALLERINA * (89 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 9:40am 11:50am 4:30pm
Mo/Tu/We 4:30pm
View Classification DetailsRESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER * (106 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 11:40am 2:05pm 4:30pm 6:55pm 9:20pm
Mo 11:00am 1:30pm 4:00pm 6:30pm
Tu/We 11:00am 1:30pm 4:00pm 6:30pm 9:00pm
View Classification DetailsTHE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN (104 mins)
Daily 1:15pm
View Classification DetailsPASSENGERS (116 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 11:30am 6:45pm
Mo/Tu/We 11:00am 1:35pm 6:45pm
View Classification DetailsMIDDLE SCHOOL: THE WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE * (92 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 9:35am 2:30pm 4:10pm
Mo/Tu/We 4:10pm
View Classification DetailsXXX 3: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE * (107 mins)
Th/Fr/Sa/Su 11:45am 2:05pm 4:25pm 6:45pm 9:15pm
Mo 9:55am 12:15pm 2:35pm 4:55pm 7:15pm
Tu/We 9:55am 12:15pm 2:35pm 4:55pm 7:15pm 9:15pm
View Classification DetailsA UNITED KINGDOM (111 mins)
Mo/Tu/We 10:00am 11:55am
* No Free List