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Lowest Prices Everyday!

At Cineplex, we ensure that our prices remain the lowest in Brisbane and the Gold Coast so that you can enjoy the latest movies any day of the week. Please take note of our regular pricing schedule below, which doesn't include specials that we run regularly. If you would like to be notified of special pricing and events please join as a Cineplex member. Please note that we only accept PayWave, PayPass or Cash. ATMs are located at each cinema complex.


When? How Much?
Weekends and evenings (after 6pm).*
Adults $8.50
Students/Seniors $6.50
Children/Pensioners $4.50
NB The Price increases for Pensioners Saturdays after 6pm & public holidays: $6.00
Public Holidays
Adults $8.50
Children $4.50
Pensioners $6.00

Budget Tuesdays! (all day and night)

Adults $6.50
Students/Seniors $5.50
Pensioners $4.50
Weekday specials (before 6pm).
Adults $6.50
Students/Seniors $5.50
Sunday evenings (after 4pm).*
Adults $7.50
Pensioners $4.50
Children $4.50
Gift Voucher Books (10 vouchers)
Adults $75.00
Children/Pensioners $45.00

Deluxe Movies (Victoria Point Only)

Deluxe Movies allow people over 18 to have alcohol during the movie.

Adults $12.50
Pensioners $12.50
Children $NA

3D Movies

The price of 3D Movie tickets decreases by $1 if you bring your own 3D glasses from a previous movie at all cineplex cinemas except for Nerang. Nerang Cineplex uses a different 3D system than the other cinemas. Therefore, the glasses are more expensive and we need to wash them in order to re-use. 

Adults $11.00
Children $7.00
Pensioners $7.00
  • Prices are based on session times not ticket purchase time. All cinemas only accept PayWave, PayPass or cash. No Eftpos is available.
  • A Child is 2-12 years old
  • A Student is 13+ and must be full time (they must have a valid (i.e. current and not expired) student ID card, indicating that they are a full time student)
  • Deluxe Cinema (18+ only) is $12.50 and only at Victoria Point.
  • Companion card holders are allowed one complimentary movie ticket when accompanying their client for any movie that is not listed as NFT (no free tickets) with the exception of Saturday nights after 6pm and public holidays. When the companion card is not able to be used for a complimentary ticket, the pension rate is charged for both people. Must show companion card at the ticket box. 
  • Valid Health Care Cards can be shown to access student prices.